WordPress SEO Audit Service

To person looking for a WordPress SEO audit service,

As a WordPress developer and designer I often get asked by past clients if I could audit their website and help them figure out where to focus. Until now I’ve offered this WordPress SEO audit service only upon special request from someone who has worked with me before and trusts my expertise to know my recommendations are going to be valuable. Because of the success of these audit reports for my clients and the efficiency of my process I’ve decided to now offer this service to anyone based on my availability.

Thank you so much for the pre-launch audit of our website. We implemented nearly all the suggestions you made and the site just went live. It would be tremendously helpful if you could take another look at the site once it gets indexed/crawled by Google to ensure we’re still on the right track.

If you are looking to stop wasting time and money optimizing your site then you need an expert specialized in auditing WordPress website to give you that clarity. Avoid generic reports that look pretty but aren’t relevant or accurate and instead invest in making sure your website’s foundation is built to give your content the most leverage. The result you are seeking is for your website to constantly be improving over time in performance and getting a fresh set of eyes on it by a developer who has optimized thousands of sites is going to get you where you want to be.

Investing in quality website optimization doesn’t have to be a lifetime engagement.

Most companies who specialize in SEO or web development will ask for a minimum 3-6 month contracts if they are to engage in helping you at all. Instead, this audit service I provide was born from my clients need for a roadmap to follow looking ahead based on where they currently are. I typically work with very capable clients who maybe just can’t see the forest through the trees and need some professional direction to go on. I like being able to set my clients free from these costly long-term engagements and give them that roadmap to be successful.

Please keep reading below to find out if this service is right for you.


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