Software, Tools & Services

Website Hosting

Media Temple – I highly recommend Media Temple if you are looking for the best(fastest) hosting solution available at a fair rate. For $20-$50 per month you can get enterprise level hosting that is FAR better than the standard cheap stuff you see elsewhere around the web. I recommend their DV(Dedicated Virtual) Hosting or WordPress Hosting packages. They have great support and they can also scale with your needs when you go big.

Bluehost – If you are looking for a more affordable option for hosting then Bluehost is the best. Their shared hosting options start as little at $4 per month and fit the needs for most. This site is currently hosted with Bluehost. They are by far the leader in quality for economy or shared hosting plans.

Website Maintenance & Updates

WPCurve – Unlimited WordPress support & small jobs, 24/7 from $69. This service is a guardian angel. I get hit up all the time with requests to do this “one little thing” on peoples WordPress sites and I just don’t have the time. For less money than I would charge for any single job you can get more service than most require in a given month worth of value. I have not personally used WPCurve but have and will recommend it to just about anyone based on the authorities I’ve seen vouch for the service.

Website & Graphic Design

99 Designs – Do you need a logo, a website banner, or a podcast image?  99Designs offers an interesting format: it’s a contest. You submit the description of what you want, and designers will compete against each other to win your business. You choose which designs you like best, work with the designers to create your vision, and if at the end you’re still not satisfied?… Walk away with a full refund.

Swiftly – Swiftly makes it super simple to get any small design task done quickly. From logo improvements, to business card updates, or even photo retouching, Swiftly’s got you covered. I love referring people to Swiftly who ask me for tiny design jobs – most the time they get it done cheaper, better and faster with Swiftly than if I did the job for them anyway. Very helpful service to have in your pocket.

Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins

ThemeForest  – Don’t start from scratch. Pick one of the top themes and build upon it. Huge library of premium WordPress themes and plugins that come with support. I have made many a purchases from ThemeForest in my day. Don’t look for themes or plugins anywhere else you would be wasting your time.


Zerys Content Marketplace – If you need content for a blog post, website, whitepaper, ebook or just about anything Zerys is your one-stop-shop. I’ve used Zerys for my own company as well as for my customers and clients. Sign up for an account and submit a test order to get a feel for the process. They have amazing support but if you try and struggle reach out to me – I have a process my content marketing company uses to get amazing results from Zerys I’ll share with you.

Retargeting Ads & Facebook Ads

Perfect Audience – The easiest way to retarget across the web, Facebook, and Twitter Retarget lost visitors everywhere from one simple dashboard. Setup takes just minutes. Try it today and get a $100 credit. Their platform is SO EASY to use you would be crazy not to try the trial. Once you get going it’s fairly cheap to keep your ads running too.

Adroll – Try for free. AdRoll is the most widely used retargeting platform in the world. More brands trust AdRoll to retarget site visitors with ads across Facebook, Twitter, mobile, and the web. I recommend Adroll just as strongly as Perfect Audience they are both great retargetting solutions.

Screen Capture Tools

Snagit – I use this multiple times per day. If you’ve seen one of my screencast videos it was made with this tool. Image and Video Screen Capture. There are a few missing features with this tool but it handles what I need it to handle very well. It’s very affordable also.

Jing – Try Jing for a free and simple way to start sharing images and short videos of your computer screen. Whether for work, home, or play, Jing gives you the ability to add basic visual elements to your captures and share them fast. Most my team uses jing but there are some limits on the video recording that make Snagit the better option if you have a little money to spend on software. Otherwise this is the free version.

Camtaisia – Powerful, yet easy-to-use, Camtasia helps you create professional videos without having to be a video pro. Easily record your on-screen activity or import HD camera video, customize and edit content, and share your videos with viewers on nearly any device. Camtaisia does it all and has more features than most need but if you are looking to combine webcam with screencast this is your tool. Slightly more expensive.

Camtaisia Mac – Screen Recording and Video Editing for Anyone. This is the Mac version.

Screencast-o-Matic – One-click screen capture recording on Windows or Mac computers with no install for FREE! Rad web-based or downloadable screencasting tool.

Screenflow – Screen recording and editing software for Mac.

Voice Transcription

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 – You Talk, Dragon Types. Three times faster than typing! 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. For some people this tool is very helpful although I have never really got into it. Turns out I can type better than I can speak so I usually work the other way around. If you speak better than you write get this right now.

Speechpad – Simply the Best Human-Generated Captions and Transcriptions. Delivered on Time, Every Time. $1 per minute. This I use all the time. Mostly for video transcriptions for blog posts. Very affordable and accurate transcriptions of any audio that are returned quickly.

E-mail Marketing

iContact – Free trial. This is a great alternative if you do not have HubSpot for e-mail marketing and list management. I’ve worked with this software for some now and they have always been good to me. Out of all the e-mail marketing programs out there iContact seems to stay at the top of my list.

Mailchimp – Online email marketing solution to manage contacts, send emails and track results. Offers plug-ins for other programs. Free to start!

Public Relations

PRWeb – Press release distribution helps you create buzz, increase online visibility, and drive website traffic. Learn how to send your first release today. If you are going to send out a press release use this service. They are the big boys and offer affordable options too.