Wordpress Twenty Fourteen

WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme: My 2014 Blog Theme

Wordpress Twenty FourteenNew year, new wordpress theme on the blog. Only this year is the first year I’ve decided to use the new default WordPress theme: Twenty Fourteen. Perhaps in a mass effort to simplify my life or maybe just because the theme really is a beautiful default theme. Perhaps because the year 2014 is really all about the content which this theme delivers very well to the user I’d say. I’m less worried about customizing a child theme right now and instead focused on finding the true focus for my blog and delivering consistent quality content here. Keep reading if you’d like to find out other ways I plan on using the Twenty Fourteen theme, customizing it, and some hints at the direction of my blog.
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Hackschooling TED Talk

Hackschooling: It’s a mindset, not a system.

A technology teacher friend of mine told me about this Ted Talk video by 13 year-old Logan LaPlante and I had to go look it up. I was not disappointed and after watching the video had tremendous respect for the kid, his parents and the outlook of education. I consider myself someone who ‘hacked’ their education and I’m a total advocate for just about every word from this young shred grom’s mouth. I’ve captured many of his quotes I found moving and discuss them more below if you keep reading.
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Rodney Mullen TED Talk

The Act of Getting Up Again with the Inspirational Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen TED Talk

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The skateboarder who invented the flatland ollie. If you are not a fan of him you have probably never heard him speak. His latest 18 minute TED Talk On Getting Up Again is a great place to start listening to what he has to say. As Rodney says, “he was faced with that challenge that made him better” which seems to be a theme of this talk.

We are sophisticated puppets.

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PageLadder's Old SEO Offer

Why it’s a Good Move to Switch from SEO to Content Marketing

PageLadder's Old SEO OfferAt PageLadder we got our start with SEO which was nice and profitable right away. When we started the company back in November 2011, only two years ago, we would guarantee first page rankings or the client would not have to pay. This worked great for us for awhile. Then we started to struggle and it wasn’t entirely our fault but we saw a need for change.
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Framed Bones Brigade Memorabilia

Office Skate Memorabilia Collection Inspired by Tony Hawk & Bones Brigade

Raleigh PageLadder Office Bones Brigade CollectionWhen wondering how to decorate your office it doesn’t always have to be a artsy fartsy task. I choose instead to surround myself with inspiration that reminds me why I do what I do. So much of the work I do is innovation since the online marketing world is such a rapidly changing beast. The PageLadder office houses a nice collection of Bones Brigade memorabilia on it’s walls.

The Bones Brigade were the innovators of modern day skateboarding. Tricks like the ollie and mctwist set the stage for skateboarding and all action sports at the time and for years to come. With my business we are constantly innovating new tactics and operations to stay on the forefront of what marketing will look like in years ahead. In business you have to be inspired constantly from those business leaders in the past who solved some of the challenges of business long ago that laid the foundation for businesses like mine today.

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