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Respecting Your Expert’s Time with an Efficient Content Extraction Process

Sometimes the idea of content production for your inbound marketing campaign can feel consuming. Not just consuming for your writers but consuming for your Subject Matter Expert (SME) who is most likely very busy with their high value regular workload. In this post we are going to guide you through creating rich inbound marketing content while using an efficient process that is a highly leveraged way to respect their time. Read more

Book Review: The Win Without Pitching Manifesto Bair Enns

The Win Without Pitching Manifesto by Blair Enns [book review]

Book Review: The Win Without Pitching Manifesto Bair Enns

“not our objective to sell, convince, or persuade… instead simply determine if there exists a fit suitable enough to merit a next step.” -Blair Enns

This is not a book it’s a bible for the modern day agency or consultancy. After reading strait through the book in 2 sittings I was left wondering just one thing: This was published in 2010 and I’m just now finding about about it three years later? After finishing reading the book for the first time I had filled up five pages of moleskin notebook with quote after quote. For me this book solved a huge problem in that it completely reaffirmed my acknowledgement that the old way of doings things is not always the best way.

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Content Promotion Problem in Linkedin Groups

Content Promotion: Black Plague Spreading Through LinkedIn Groups

Content Promotion Problem in Linkedin GroupsAn epidemic has hit the Groups of LinkedIn and it could result in the death of many once resourceful focused discussions happening. If you are or ever have been active in a LinkedIn group you probably know what I’m talking about. The surge of content promotions in the discussion area of groups is drowning out the very valuable discussions that once prospered. I recorded a 6 minute screencast video illustrating the problem with some groups that were once full of great discussion and also an example of a group I’m active in that has managed to fight off the plague.

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Multiple Google+ Accounts Makes Me Go Bonkers: Google WTF?


Wake up. You have a fundamental issue with your user accounts. All billions of them. If someone has a personal Google+ profile from converting their Gmail (everyone) then they have a duplicate account if they also use Google Apps for Business. So I have two Google+ accounts business and personal and there is nothing I can do about it but get a migraine every time I think about it.
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Wrike: How I Easily Cleared my Workload and Escaped to Maui

I’m so stacked with work right now.

All I could think the week before I had a plane ticket to Maui for a week. This was the first time since the founding of my start-up marketing agency that I had a randomly timed week vacation. It also happened to be busy as ever at the small company. I was nervous I’d either forget to take care of something critical before I left or be completely overwhelmed when I returned. But there was good news on the horizon.

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