Rodney Mullen Technical Wizardry

Rodney Mullen A Beautiful Mind The Berrics Interview

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Check out the video at the above URL.

Another Rodney Mullen post from me. It’s not about me. I just want to draw more attention to the man himself.

Normally I’d curate the post a bit more but again, it’s not about me.

Below are a few quotes/notes I found epic while I watched the video myself for the third or fourth time ;p

The ability to just go back to something for the sake of loving it.

Falling becomes normal, and picking yourself up again is normal. Resilience

Technical Wizardry

Because we feel like outsiders and we all find the mutual sense of belonging by shaping our community with what we do.

Rodeny Mullen Casper Slide Video

I trip out because I don’t come out in public a lot, I really don’t.

Sharing and feeling connected with people through what you do.

Danny Way – Falling and getting up

What we learn from getting up again and again it changes you.

I wish we could teach that – MIT Professor

I’m gonna show that in our class – YALE Professor

You are on your own. You gotta go through adversity.

Authenticity pushes out style.

That’s just my personality. It’s always been on my own.

That component has always been in me.. I’m a nerd.

I broke my ankle I feel like I should quit -Rod

No they just break sometimes -Tony


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Rodney Mullen TED Talk

The Act of Getting Up Again with the Inspirational Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen TED Talk

click to watch

The skateboarder who invented the flatland ollie. If you are not a fan of him you have probably never heard him speak. His latest 18 minute TED Talk On Getting Up Again is a great place to start listening to what he has to say. As Rodney says, “he was faced with that challenge that made him better” which seems to be a theme of this talk.

We are sophisticated puppets.

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