trail end lake island mountains

Lake Trail Solo Exploration Discovery iPhone Photos

I’d been trying to make it out to this trail for a bit before I finally put my bike on top of the car and headed out. I was so fortunate because it had been raining for days so snowboarding wasn’t really very appetizing but this day it totally cleared up and make for a really epic solo exploration discovery ride.

Mt. Rainier on drive to Trail

This Mt. Rainier wilderness shot was taken out my car window on the 5 mile drive up a winding mountain side road to the trail.

Esate Carries My Stuff - Trailhead

Arrived at the trailhead and realized I didn’t have a Forest Pass but there was NOBODY anywhere so I decided to poach it and sneak in a ride hoping the park ranger wouldn’t show up to issue me a lecture about forest safety and a citation.

Mt. Rainier from Packwood Trail

These two shots are at the start of the trail I had to squeeze the brakes on my bike and use my iPhone to barely capture the view.

Mt. Rainier from Packwood Trail 2

trail end lake island mountains

After 4.1 miles of easy but amazing terrain I pulled up right here and was greeted by this.

Lake Shore Landscape with Bike

Solitude achieved at the lake

Money Shot Lake Reflection

You can see the lake was partially frozen in the back right of this photo to the right of the island in the middle.

walking trail around lake no bikes

Bridge leads to a walking trail around the lake and other neighboring lakes and camping spots.

Old Ranger Station at Lake

Old Forest Service cabin.

Pano Lake Mountain Wilderness

What would an all iPhone photo post be without a panoramic shot. I didn’t spend as much time at the lake as I wanted because I had to make it back before the park ranger showed up and found my car without a pass which was successful. I can’t wait to return here it won’t be long.

Seaside Sunset Swingset Bikes

January Camping Visit to the Oregon Coast

It’d been ahwhile, probably a year or two, since I’d been out to the Oregon coast. This time I was headed for Seaside although we camped at Bud’s in Gearhart which neighbors seaside on the beach to the North. Again I was filling the role of staff surf photographer and again I won’t be posting the surfing shots only the lifestyles.

Seaside Sunset Swingset Bikes

After driving 3 hours from Packwood on one of the most scenic drives I’d taken in awhile I landed in Gearhart and we immediately hopped on the bikes to go watch the sunset in Seaside. photo: Nia

Seaside OR Sunset

Pour Over Coffee Camping

In the morning we woke up and boiled some water to make pour-over coffees which really hit the spot.

Selfie Nia

We checked some spots and ended up heading South to Short Sands beach to spend the day.

Short Sands

January and vibe could not be better on the Oregon coast.

Surf Photog

You can see Stan dropping on that wave. Not creeping on the couple below on the beach. photo: Nia

Manzanita Viewpoint

The next day we found our spot a little further South around the point from Short Sands.

Manzanita Beach Jan

Staff Surf Photog & Nugan

Nugan kept trying to blow the shot with his tennis ball.  photo: Nia

Nugan Ball Tsunami Debris Gas Can

Gas can from Japan tsunami we hauled out. Nugan is hilarious how he follows the chuck it on the backpack.

Manzanita Pano

Tyler walking out on lake log

Secret Destination Lake Not Far Off the Path

As with many of my photos I am not always going to give up the location so easy. I’ve taken a few trips to this lake now though and I’ll be back again. Below are some shots I snapped while exploring.

Off road estate looking for the lake

Friends and I trying to find this lake we’ve heard about. We crossed these puddles in the estate and many bigger before turning around and finding the easy road to the lake.

Short Pathway to Lake

Walking in the trail on our initial discovery.

Pathway around the lake

The path around the lake is really lush and has many trees cut down by beavers.

Tyler walking out on lake log

Lake landscape perspective shot

Ricky stepping over creek

Taking a stroll around the backside of the lake to the beaver dam.

Looking long ways down the lake

Jimi testing the frozen waters

On a second trip we brought Jimi and the lake was partially frozen with a little snow.

Another landscape shot with a little snow this time

Next time I’ll try and score a shot of a beaver but they are illusive although I’ve found where they live.

Surfing in the Jungle

Washington Surf Trip without the Surfing Photos

Wanted to share a few other photos from a surf trip as I was grateful to jump in the car at the last minute as staff photographer. Mostly surf checks no actual surfing photos haha.

Early Morning First Stop Check

Tide high early first check.

Looking further down the point

This is on Indian grounds and we passed one fellow on the beach who wasn’t exactly stoked on us.

Checking the spot - again

More surf checking.


Met some cool locals and surfed here

Stoked and satisfied after sesh

Post sesh hike out.

Surfing in the Jungle

Surfing in the jungle.

Stan on one

Alright if you made it scrolling this far down you’ve earned at least one surfing shot. While I was shooting on this beach I met another local looking fellow who appeared to be living down on the beach… He didn’t seem to mind me and said hello before he paddled out.

Oh yeah and when I say ‘staff’ photographer that means a few things but I was paid for the photos… mostly with tall boys.


Looking out car window at cows

Photo Journey to the Pacific Northwest for Winter

Looking out car window at cows

Somewhere in Utah. I took a different route this time instead of I5. Instead I went through Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and finally Washington.

Shooting out the window on the road

Scored the sunset pretty good while crossing this massive bridge. Not many highway photos as I was driving…

Arrived hometown - Tacoma Narrows Bridges

I landed in Gig Harbor and stopped at a favorite local spot of mine looking at the Narrows bridges.

Looking down the narrows incoming storm

Looking the other way with a storm approaching.

Hwy 12 Vista Outlook

Made it to Packwood, WA and took a scenic drive up Hwy 12 to White Pass to scope the pre-season status.

White Pass early season check

Good amount of snow at the base. This is the old two man chairlift they no longer run because they have the high speed quad lift now to the lookers left.

White Pass Sign

View of Mt. Rainier

On the way back down Mt. Rainier greeted me with some great afternoon light.

Masi Bike Fireside

The 1500+ mile drive took a toll on my bike on top of my car. Spent some time cleaning it up by the fire.

Packwood Tea

Elk happen in Packwood.

Packwood Tall Trees

All around the cabin I’m staying in for this winter are HUGE trees and branches that have fallen during gnarly wind storms.

Sundown Mt. Rainier View

Packwood A-frame

Finally, a shot of the cabin I’ll be spending much of my time at this winter.