Surfing the Tacoma Narrows Storm Swell

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Summer Shi Shi Olympic Peninsula Camping Photos

Haven’t posted for a bit and I think where I last left off I was leaving the Packwood a-frame with my life back in the wagon.


I was headed eventually to San Diego for the summer to take care of some business and more importantly thaw out and enjoy the awesome weather.

I decide to fly to Seattle for a couple weekends and also sneak in a beach camping trip with some of my best friends. The awesome two mile hike in with the water weight was a struggle to say the least.


Epic landscape sunset photos start now:

IMG_6379 IMG_6385 IMG_6394

Taking a walk down the 2 mile long beach.

IMG_6406 IMG_6428 IMG_6436

Hike out was a lot more enjoyable and we had a bigger crew when leaving to catch the Kingston Ferry to Edmonds.


My friend gave me this retro REI metal frame backpack which I’ve been building. It’s been perfect for the summer camping trips. I used it in Baja California last weekend and am looking forward to using it at San Onofre camping in a couple weeks. More photos ahead.


Hiking WP Backcountry

One Last Epic Day for My 14/15 Season at White Pass

I had just gotten back from a week trip I took for my friends wedding in San Diego. Such an awesome trip got to spend a little time in the Manhattan/Hermosa Beach area too which was cool.

While I was in San Diego I intended to get my sailboat mooring ball permit renewed only to discover some tweaker had broken into my sailboat and stole a bunch of shit… gas tank, solar panel, swim ladder, registration papers, and some other smaller items. I leave my sailboat unlocked but the thief managed to still mangle the lock regardless… they’ve got some bad karma coming in hot.

That meant that once I got back to Packwood I needed to turn right around and drive back down to San Diego to fix that immediate problem and enjoy the rest of the summer thawing out.

The iphone photos & videos below are from my last day of riding with the boys I was able to make happen before heading south. A little hike to discover some White Pass backcountry.

Hiking WP Backcountry

Short 20 minute boot-pack hike from backcountry gate.

WP Backcountry Bowl

We were greeted with this as we topped out.

WP Backcountry Bowl Pano

Pano view from the top with Rainier on the very right (looking other way from bowl). You can see the ridge to traverse over to the other peak from where I am shooting.

My friend Tucci ripping the bowl:

And below we have skier Ricky dropping the highline above a snowboarder who drops at the same time:

I ended up dropping a little to the right of where I was shooting from the opposite peak which was just as fun boosting off the little cornice below.

Lastly, if you want to see me ‘shred’ the bottom of the mountain that same day you won’t believe the lower mountain conditions:

Can’t wait for next winter!

Bikes on Ferry

Chilly Hilly 2015 Bike Ride Around Bainbridge Island

Had the chance to participate in the 2015 Chilly Hilly bike ride put on by the Cascade Bike Club. We rode from Bellevue to the Seattle ferry docks where we caught the first ferry over to Bainbridge Island where the ride begins.

My Route:

Leaving White Pass Rainier

This was leaving White Pass the day before the Chilly Hilly. Rainier was looking big and HD.
Chilly Hilly Ferry Lineup

Ferry #1 lineup with the fast crew.

Chilly Hilly Ferry Lineup 2

High-viz ferry terminal clogged by roadies.

Bike on Ferry Railing

The biggest ferry in the PNW fleet and it was just about covered with bikes… very few cars.

View from Ferry of Seattle South

Early departure.

Bikes on Ferry 2

It was so chilly once the ferry started moving everyone went upstairs for coffee.

Bikes on Ferry

This was on the way back to Seattle. No shots during the riding because we were hauling ass.

Raleigh Chilly Hilly

They wanted $25 for this photo of me. Who is taking my picture?

Corndog Nachos

Got to go on a bonus kicker bike ride with the extra rad GH Old Town Bicycle dudes which ended with these corndog nachos with absolutely nothing left out. Here is our urban night ride on Strava: