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Rodney Mullen Technical Wizardry

Rodney Mullen A Beautiful Mind The Berrics Interview

Original link on the berrics: Check out the video at the above URL. Another Rodney Mullen post from me. It’s not about me. I just want to draw more attention to the man himself. Normally I’d curate the post a bit more but again, it’s not about me. Below are a few quotes/notes I […]

Pickles at PageLadder

Office Dogs: How Could You Not Love Them?

I don’t own a dog currently but I am a dog lover. Some people are not dog lovers and instead hate or are maybe afraid of the unleashed beasts. Unfortunately, my commercial office lease states we are not allowed to have dogs in the building because of that and other reasons. Sometimes though, we still […]

Doner for Life Blood Type O- Universal Doner

A pint of Guinness contains 0.3mg of iron, less than three per cent of daily adult needs. #Onegative #donateblood #beersafter by @raleightl When it comes to giving back to your community sometimes it’s not about time or money. It’s easy to think that the only way to give is in the form of time or […]

MASI at the office

1 Year On-Tour: Selling my Car to Bicycle Only [timelapse]

Join me in this timelapse video on my bike commute to work along the scenic North Harbor Drive along the San Diego Bay. This video is sped up to 1/10th of the time the ride actually takes me. You should be able to see exactly why I have no plans of stopping this beautiful bicycle […]

Rodney Mullen TED Talk

The Act of Getting Up Again with the Inspirational Rodney Mullen

The skateboarder who invented the flatland ollie. If you are not a fan of him you have probably never heard him speak. His latest 18 minute TED Talk On Getting Up Again is a great place to start listening to what he has to say. As Rodney says, “he was faced with that challenge that […]