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2 Red Flags Not to Say to a Web Developer

I’ll admit I’m very picky-choosy about freelance web development tasks/jobs/projects that I end up estimating and working on. Just one bad job can lead to me being unproductive for days or weeks. This unproductiveness isn’t because I get too busy from taking on a small job that turns out to take a ton of time […]

Sorry, No Calls for New Clients

My friends and associates have been laughing with (at) me about how I go about responding to new client leads who e-mail me or call my voicemail requesting me to give them a quick call. These people usually find me from my blog or through referral and decide they need to talk to me on […]

How to White Label WPCurve

According to WPCurve themselves they do not offer a white label program and that much is true. My goal is not to mislead you with this post but to present creative solutions for meeting the needs of those who are looking to white label WPCurve’s awesome WordPress development services. If you haven’t read WPCurve’s blog post 11 lessons […]

Summer Shi Shi Olympic Peninsula Camping Photos

Haven’t posted for a bit and I think where I last left off I was leaving the Packwood a-frame with my life back in the wagon. I was headed eventually to San Diego for the summer to take care of some business and more importantly thaw out and enjoy the awesome weather. I decide to fly to […]